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Pictures of animals and plants of Indonesia

The tropical rainforests of Indonesia are among the oldest and richest in species. But also nowhere else they are destroyed faster than here. With destruction of their natural habitats many of the species of plants and animals living here are endangered.

Young Orang Utan [orang_utan_1.jpg]+

Young Orang Utan

Der Orang-Utan Sumatras (Pongo pygmaeus) is a primate of the biological family Hominidae, which includes humans, extinct species of humanlike creatures and the great apes. The word orangutan is derived from the Malay orang hutan meaning man ...
Butterfly looking for minerals [butterfly-1.jpg]+

Butterfly looking for minerals

For their nutrition butterflies also need minerals not contained in nectar from flowers. So the sweat on my hand comes in handy for this one. After sucking in the sweat the minerals are absorbed and the water is released again a littel bit ...
Flowers [flower-2.jpg]+


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Flowers [flower-3.jpg]+


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