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Many of the other places we visited during our journeys in Guatemala are not listed as own menu item. The most beautiful are collected here.

Sunset at Laguna Lachua [laguna-lachua-1.jpg]+

Sunset at Laguna Lachua

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Todos Santos Cuchumatan [TodosSantos1.jpg]+

Todos Santos Cuchumatan

Morninglight in the streets of Todos Santos Cuchumatan. Located in the Cuchumatanes, the highest mountain chain of Central America, at an altitude of more than 2500 meters, it gets cold at night. Early morning mists are common here. The ...
Sunset behind the mountains [sunset-1.jpg]+

Sunset behind the mountains

This photo was taken near to Huehuetenango in the mountains of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes.
Little cascade [waterfall-1.jpg]+

Little cascade

High rainfall and the mostly mountainous landscape are best conditions to find waterfalls. The picture of this one was made on a tour in the Cuchumatanes.
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