area striata

At the Carribbean

The caribbean areas of Guatemala and Belize are special in many ways. The inhabitants of those regions don´t have anything in common with the Mayan people living in the highlands of Guatemala. They are blacks called Garífunas who are descended from West Africans and Carib Indians. Life is cozier and more relaxed and even time passes by more slowly.
The reef along the Caribbean coast is second only to Australia's Great Barrier.

Sunset on Tobacco Caye (Belize) [carribean-1.jpg]+

Sunset on Tobacco Caye (Belize)

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Frigate birds [carribean-2.jpg]+

Frigate birds

Frigate birds are a very common view at the carribbean costs. With their small wings and th lang, forked tail, they are easy to recognise even from distance. Their feeding habits are pelagic. Frigatebirds often rob other seabirds of their ...
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