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More places and motives

Here you will find pictures from some other places we saw and took pictures of while on our journey. Those places include well known attractions like Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon... but also finds at the wayside and off the beaten track.

Antelope Canyon I [antelope-canyon-1.jpg]+

Antelope Canyon I

In the north of Arizona, close to Lake Powell and situated in Navajo country there is Antelope Canyon (also called Corkscrew Canyon). In thousands of years the impact of the power of wind and water have shaped a slot canyon of haunting ...
Antelope Canyon II [antelope-canyon-2.jpg]+

Antelope Canyon II

Only for a short time each day the sun reaches the ground of the narrow canyon. Those are the minutes the colors and forms of the smooth polished sandstone come into their own.
Rainbow in Zion National Park [zion-canyon-1.jpg]+

Rainbow in Zion National Park

Zion National Park is located near Springdale, in the southwestern part of Utah. Afternoon thunderstorms are common from mid-July through mid-September. We had the luck to watch a very spectacular one from safe distance.
Weathered wood [wood-1.jpg]+

Weathered wood

Old trunk found near Lake Powell.
Surface of Lake Powell [lake-powell-1.jpg]+

Surface of Lake Powell

The red rocks of sandstone are reflected on the blue surface of Lake Powell in the evening sun.
Telegraph poles [telegraph-1.jpg]+

Telegraph poles

No further information available yet
Small cascade in Yosemite National Park [cascade-1.jpg]+

Small cascade in Yosemite National Park

Picture of a small cascade in Yosemite National Park.
Flowers in the desert [flowers-1.jpg]+

Flowers in the desert

In the middle of the deserts of Nevada irrigation created a flowering oasis.
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