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Photos of Indonesia: Sumatra

Sumatra (also spelled Sumatara and Sumatera) is the sixth largest island of the world and the largest island of Indonesia. Most of Sumatra used to be covered by tropical rainforest, home to species such as orangutans, tapirs, and Sumatran tigers, and some unique plants like the Rafflesia. Unfortunately, economic development coupled with corruption and illegal logging has severely threatened its existence. Conservation areas have not been spared from destruction, either.

Young Orang Utan [orang_utan_1.jpg]+

Young Orang Utan

Der Orang-Utan Sumatras (Pongo pygmaeus) is a primate of the biological family Hominidae, which includes humans, extinct species of humanlike creatures and the great apes. The word orangutan is derived from the Malay orang hutan meaning man ...
Minangkabau houses [minangkabau-houses-7.jpg]+

Minangkabau houses

Minangkabau architecture is distinguished by their nested roofs which curve upward in imitation of the water buffalo's horns.
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