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Impressions of Indonesia (Bali, Sumatra)

The Repuplic of Indonesia is the most popoulous nation of Southeast Asia and with a population of more than 230 Million (in 2004) the fourth most populous overall. It is the world's largest archipelago consisting of about 18,000 islands (of which about 6,000 are inhabited). The islands are scattered around the equator, giving the country a tropical climate.
The pictures are taken on a journey in 1996, which took me and my wife to Bali and Sumatra.

Photos of Indonesia: Bali [sunset-float-6.jpg]

Photos of Indonesia: Bali

The island Bali is located in a chain with Java to the west and Lombok to the east. ...
Photos of Indonesia: Sumatra [orang_utan_1.jpg]

Photos of Indonesia: Sumatra

Sumatra (also spelled Sumatara and Sumatera) is the sixth largest island of the world and the largest island of Indonesia. Most of Sumatra used to be covered by tropical rainforest, home to species such as orangutans, tapirs, and Sumatran ...
Pictures of animals and plants of Indonesia [flower-3.jpg]

Pictures of animals and plants of Indonesia

The tropical rainforests of Indonesia are among the oldest and richest in species. But also nowhere else they are destroyed faster than here. With destruction of their natural habitats many of the species of plants and animals living here ...
Religion of Bali [temple-3.jpg]

Religion of Bali

Life and culture in Bali are deeply interwoven with faith. The religion of the majority of Bali's population is called Agama Hindu Dharma (Balinese Hinduism), which is a mixture of Hinduism and ancient animistic religions of the native ...
Private pictures showing me and my wife [uschi_frieder-1.jpg]

Private pictures showing me and my wife

Of course a lot of the pictures taken on a journey only can be classified as souvenir pictures. Most of them either show my wife or me myself. So if you want to know how we look like (or, better how we used to look like in 1996): You're ...
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