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Photos of Guatemala, Costa Rica, USA, Indonesia and other countries: Nature, landscape and culture

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Amphibians and reptiles of Costa Rica   [16.05.2006]
Beaches at the pacific   [29.04.2006]
Antigua - the old capital   [13.03.2006]

Guatemala pictures: Gallery with photos

Pictures from three journeys to Guatemala

When I visited Guatemala the first time in 1989 it was as participant of the Proyecto Ecológico Quetzal , a project dedicated to the conservation and protection of cloud forests and to the Quetzal.
Fascinated by the nature, the landscape and the people of this colourful and manifold country I revisited Guatemala in 1995 and 1998. Here you will find some of my best photos showing nature, landscape and the living Mayan culture of Guatemala.
Costa-Rica pictures: Gallery with photos

Costa Rica: Photos of nature and beaches

Compared to other countries in Central America Costa Rica is the one with a relativly high standard of living. It's easy to travel around and to access the many national parks which are among the most biologically intense places in the world. When travelling there in 2002 we focused on some of the most impressive national parks - and of course the beaches.
USA pictures: Gallery with photos

USA (southwest): Pictures from the national parks

The landscape of the southwestern part of the USA is among the most impressive on Earth.
The pictures shown here give some impressions from Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Arches National Park, Yellowstone and locations in between.
Indonesia (Bali, Sumatra) pictures: Gallery with photos

Indonesia (Bali, Sumatra): Off the Beaten Track

Our fascination for the diversity of tropical jungles brought us to Indonesia in 1996. We started in Bali and then traveled on to Sumatra.
The photos presented on these pages not only show impressions of the nature of Indonesia but also reflect the culture of the local people .
Pictures from Ireland, Greece, Turkey: Galleries with Photos

Photos from other countries including Ireland, Korsika, Greece, Turkey ...

While travelling I had the chance to visit a lot of different places around the world. Here you'll find a choice of pictures from places in Europa and from Turkey.
Pictures (galleries) showing colors and structures of nature

Shapes and colors of nature

When experimenting with photographie I found that sometimes details tell more then pictures glutted with information. The photos provided on these pages show some of those extracts with patterns, structures and colors representing the diversity and beauty of nature.
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