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Tikal - one of the most spectecular relicts of the old Mayan civilisation

Being one of the most spectecular relicts from the old Mayan civilisation, the monumental Mayan ceremonial center at Tikal is a must for every visit to Guatemala.
Beneath its ruins its jungle location makes it a unique site. The towering pyramids rise above the jungle's green canopy making them an excellent place for watching birds and other animals.

View from Temple I [tikal-1.jpg]+

View from Temple I

Sitting on Temple I we watch the raising of a thunderstorm. Temple II is dipped by the morning sun into a magic light, adding to the mystic charisma of this place.
Sunrise in Petén [jungle-tikal.jpg]+

Sunrise in Petén

Tikal is a good place for watching the wakening of the jungle. Towering over the canopy the pyramids offer a splendid view over the deepland jungle of the Petén.
Panoramic view over Tikal and Petén [tikal-2.jpg]+

Panoramic view over Tikal and Petén

"The imagination reels. There are reliefs, pyramids, temples in the extinguished city. The damp murmur of the arroyos, voices, crepitations of the intertangling vines, the sound of flapping wings, trickle into the immense sea of ...
Sunrise in Tikal [tikal-4.jpg]+

Sunrise in Tikal

Sitting on Tempel II we watch the sun rise behind the "Grand Jaguar" (Temple I). The Grand Jaguar is deemed to be one of the mayan culture's landmarks. It was built around the year 695 AD while the Mayan Classic period was in full ...
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