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Photos from Chichicastenango

Despite of its isolated location surrounded by valleys, with nearby mountains looming overhead, Chichicastenango (also called Chichi) is one of the most important market towns in Guatemala. Two times a week (Thursday and Sunday) traders come from far away to offer their products.
Besides the market Chichicastenango is known for its religious ceremonies, which can be seen in and around the church Santo Tomás. They are based on catholic and old mayan rites.

Marimba found in Chichicastenango [marimba.jpg]+

Marimba found in Chichicastenango

The marimba, a large wooden xylophone with resonators, is considered the national instrument of Guatemala and is dominating the music including both local folk and popular music.
Girls on their way to market [chichi-girls.jpg]+

Girls on their way to market

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Masks sold in Chichicastenango [masks.jpg]+

Masks sold in Chichicastenango

One of the special goods of Chichicastenango are the masks crafted by local artists and sold to tourists during marked day. Because of the tourists willing to buy cheap souveniers those masks became bulk commodity. But with luck also realy ...
Priest in Chichicastenango [priest-1.jpg]+

Priest in Chichicastenango

Maya priest (chukajau) of Chichicastenango. Priests play an important role in the spiritual life of the Quiche Mayan community. They have the power to act as agent between believers and gods and are privileged to perform important ...
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